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Ceramic Coating

Get Long-Term Protection With Opti-Coat Pro Grade Coatings.

For the ultimate long-term protection, ceramic coating protects your investment and allows you to drive confidently, knowing your car’s beauty is defended against the elements. Your car will look showroom-ready for years, all with a one-time application.

Lasts For 5-7 Years

Forget the hassle of reapplying waxes and sealants every few months–get an unbeatable layer of protection that lasts, saving time and money. Backed with a 5-7 year warranty.

Protects Against Strong UV Rays

Shield your car against harsh UV rays that lead to fading. Ceramic coating offers a resistant layer that guards your vehicle’s finish, preserving its vibrant color and sheen. 

Protects Against Harmful Chemicals

Ceramic coatings provide better protection than traditional waxes and sealants. They create a strong barrier against corrosive materials, keeping your car looking new and extending the life of the paint.

A closeup of Tesla Hood after ceramic coating
side view of an olive green crossover

A Sleek Shine You’ll Love

Less Work To Clean

With our ceramic coating, you’ll find that dirt and grime simply slide off your vehicle’s surface. Just a quick rinse, and you’re good to go, giving you more time for the things you love.

Boosted Scratch Resistance

Add a layer of toughness to your car’s exterior, making it more resilient to scratches and scuffs. Drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle has an extra line of defense.

A Gloss Better Than Wax

Waxing might give your car a temporary sparkle, but ceramic coatings take it to the next level. With a longer-lasting and deeper gloss, your vehicle will look brand new, month after month–without frequent reapplication.

Transform Your Car’s Look and Feel With A Single Coating

Ready to give your car the royal treatment it deserves? Our ceramic coating offers you a gleaming, resilient finish that’ll turn heads for years, not just weeks. Book now and elevate your driving experience while simplifying your car care routine.